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600,000 opportunities to reach owner managers, board directors, senior managers and partners of the UK’s fastest growing businesses.

The UK’s number 1 regional business information publisher.

Insider In Print

In print


Over 200,000 magazine readers every month*. The only regional business magazines with an independently audited circulation.

Over 80,000 guides to corporate finance and commercial property.

*GfKNOP Independent readership survey

Insider In Person

In person


Over 20,000 owner managers, board directors and professional advisers attend Insider events every year (140 business events including breakfast seminars, networking dinners and prestigious award dinners).

Insider Online



Over 150,000 subscribers to Insider’s daily email newsletters (3 million emails sent out every month).

Over 350,000+ unique visitors to the website each month (1,000,000+ website page views monthly).

Why do companies advertise with Insider?

Insider is the ONLY regional business media to offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities in print, in person AND online. Our advertisers find they save money because we are able to provide solutions across all three platforms.

Insider can also put together national campaigns across our network of regional publishing centres.

If you want to deliver a consistent advertising message across different marketing platforms why go elsewhere…

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